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Dave Stailey

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Dave Stailey…My wife Laura and I and all of our loved ones, friends, clients and neighbors are all doing well this far during this crazy pandemic. We have lived in our home in Arlington Heights for just over 41 years.

Our 3 adult children and their families including 5 grandchildren ages 11 to 17 all live up and down the East Coast from Raleigh North Carolina up through New Hampshire and into Maine. Our daughter continues to encourage us to move close to her in Raleigh NC but we are not yet ready to give up all that we have established, achieved and hold very dear growing up and prospering here in Chicago over these past almost 8 decades. We have enjoyed spending even more time at home together during these past 6 months of the pandemic where I continue to run my financial advisory business now all by phone and computer. Out of an abundance of caution we certainly miss being with and seeing everyone face to face for in person social, business, entertainment, fitness center, church and volunteer work on behalf of Jewel-Osco. As a result of the pandemic our travels to see our children and grandchildren and all other leisure travel has been canceled over these past 6 months and for the near future. However my wife Laura and I have such great memories of spectacular domestic and international travel with our children over the years but the most wonderful trip we have taken this far was to celebrate my early retirement from Jewel-Osco and our 35th wedding anniversary. It was a 4 week journey of a lifetime in the Spring of 2002 to and throughout Asia. We flew to Bali for 5 days in a beach side resort on the South China Sea, then on to Singapore for 5 days in luxury downtown hotel. From Singapore we boarded the Regal Princess cruise ship for a 2 week cruise which took us to 2 ports in South Viet Nam, Hong Kong, Shanghai China, Pusan South Korea, Nagasaki and Yokohama Japan and a wonderful weekend in Tokyo Japan before flying back to Los Angeles and then back to Chicago. It was the most fabulous trip of our lifetime. My fondest memories of my time with Osco Drug were the 2 years I served as the Human Resources Manager for Byron Luke as VP, his staff including Stan Carlson, John Fields, Haven Ready, ob Howard and their District Managers including Terry Hanson, Charlie Good, Jim Young, Don Lohr and the entire Chicagoland Osco Drug Store Managers including Darnell Allen and their store teams from mid-1976 to help resolve the one and only retail stores work stoppage/strike in Chicagoland Osco's history. As you may recall all of the Jewel Companies General Merchandise Divisions including both Chicagoland and Country Osco, Turnstyle, Republic Lumber (for which I was the Human Resources and Labor Relations Manager and Assistant to the Operations Manager Gary Charboneau and VP Peter Cook both Osco veterans) and Jewel Imports all moved from our previous locations into the new General Merchandise 1818 Swift Drive headquarters in Oak Brook Illinois in 1974. In 1978 I transferred back to Jewel Food Stores as North Area HR Manager to again work for Ed Buron then VP HR at Jewel who had been VP HR at 1818.

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