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Dave Troesh

Alumni member Dave Troesh provides us with the following update:

I started at Sav-on when I was 14, but got serious about a career after college. I stayed until I contracted Gold Fever, bought a dredge and tent and moved into the backcountry. Following the seasons, I successfully and profitably worked underwater mining gold in various rivers in both California and Arizona.

I came out of the snow to help a friend run his Christmas night crew in 1982 and forgot to leave. In the intervening twenty-plus years, I managed nearly 300 remodel or re-merchandising projects in virtually every California and Nevada Sav-On plus all the Arizona Osco’s. Some of the most fun projects included the conversions of the Rx Plus’, Skaggs, Longs, Clarks’ and the 68 CVS’ we turned into Sav-On Expresses. John Terry, Dennis Palmer, Ken Walker and Dave Schoenbeck kept me busy and happily challenged throughout that fun part of my career.

I joined Albertsons as a construction manager during the merger in 1999. Since then I enjoyed building nearly 40 new drug stores and remodeling a couple dozen food stores. Most people were frantic about being laid off last year. I set to work writing full time. First, I published Once I was a Gold Miner and Other Adventures in My Life. It’s a collection of anecdotes about the characters and misadventures that I experienced during my Sav-on/Osco days and the years before and since. The next three books are: 77 Ways to Save Money and Energy at Your Church or School, 101 Ways to Save Money and Energy in Your Grocery Store and 300 Ways to Save Money and Energy in Your Home. The 300 Ways… book was published October 2010, the rest are available on my website

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