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Dean Kelsey

Dean Kelsey graduated from the University of Illinois with a Marketing degree in 1969. He started his Osco career at the Ashland Ave. store in Chicago, Illinois as management trainee, following a six week tour of Europe after graduation. Shortly into his career, Dean was drafted into U.S. Army. He served two years, stationed in West Germany (before the Wall came down). He worked at Battalion Headquarters in the Artillery Division of the 3rd Infantry (General Patton’s – 3rd Infantry) as “Classified Documents Specialist”. It was a 9-5 job, exempt from duty evenings and weekend, allowing for a great social life and much travel.

Dean rejoined Osco in store operations and worked in numerous positions within Chicagoland from 1972 through 1979. He accepted an opportunity to work in the 1818 Oak Brook, Illinois office as Sales Promotion Manager in 1980. He was later buyer for various sundry categories from 1981 through 1992. After two years back in store operations, Dean left Osco following 25 years of rewarding service to accept a position with Ulta 3 Cosmetics, Salon, and Fragrances (now Ulta Beauty). During the next 12 years, Dean worked with many former Osco leaders and associates. Initially, he was the Buyer of Professional Salon Products (seven years) and later as Director of Merchandising

Dean retired from the “daily work” routine in 2007 as his first grandson was born. Since then he has been caring for him three days a week, boating, skiing and traveling near and far. Dean and wife, Petra, have been married for 37 years and reside in Fox River Grove, Illinois for the past 32 years. They have two children, Daniela, International Marketing Manager for Berndorf USA and Lance, Commercial Airline Pilot for American Eagle.

Petra continues to work for Condor German Airlines as Operations Manager for North America & Caribbean Regions. Her responsibilities involve extensive travel. On more than one occasion, Dean has volunteered to “carry her bags” along on a trip to the islands.

Dean said he is very lucky to have such a wonderful and loving family and values his past work associates at both Osco and Ulta.

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