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Dennis Palmer

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I began my career as a trainee for Savon Drugs one month after college graduation and three weeks after my wedding in 1971.

I started as a receiving clerk in Campbell California. In 1971 drug stores filled the gap where mass was absent. As a result, in addition to health and beauty products we had aisles full of bakeware, stationery and school, cigars, toys, pet supplies, large and small plastics, picture frames. We sold large stereos, photo supplies, equestrian supplies, women’s hosiery, clothing, and many other items. Some stores even sold live pets.

Three significant changes took place in ensuing years: The rise of category killers, the growth of mass, and consolidation within the drug industry. We merged with Jewel companies in 1982, with American stores in 1984,later on with Albertsons and then CVS Health.

During those years I filled roles as assistant store manager, manager, operations manager, district manager, area Vice President, Senior Vice President of Markets (a real estate position), Senior Vice President of growth planning and store design, and Senior Vice President of operations.

I retired from CVS at the end of 2012. Since retiring I spend winters in Scottsdale and summers in a home we have in the white mountains. I have done a fair amount of traveling, spent some time golfing and fishing (although I’m not very good at either), spending time with my grandchildren and particularly during the COVID shutdown I have spent time reading. I am involved in some charity work and church work.

My wife Jeanette took up running a few years ago and just completed her 101st marathon.

I’m occasionally asked if I miss work and my answer is always the same. I don’t miss work nearly as much as I miss working with so many outstanding people. Any small success I have achieved, I attribute 100% to outstanding people who supported me.

Dennis N. Palmer

November, 2021

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