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Dick George

Dick George… Judy and I still live in Elmhurst in the same house we lived in during Osco and Ulta years. We are also fortunate enough to have a condo in Bonita Spring, FL where we spend about 5 months each year except for crazy 2020 when we came home in mid-March and stayed hunkered down in Elmhurst until early January this year. We were fortunate to get COVID shots in February 2021 since we qualified as we are 82 this year. With bad backs we both stopped playing golf in 2019. But this has not stopped fun with family and friends. With our three children, Rich, Susan, and Jenny and spouses we have eight grandchildren aged 25 down to 13. It is much fun to watch our children going through the normal issues of raising kids without having the responsibility. Grandparents can spoil grandchildren and their parents let us. Without a doubt our best family vacation was enabled by the great people at Ulta who made the company worth something (well after I left). Because of their excellent management I was able to sell Ulta stock after they went public. This enabled Judy and I to take the whole family of sixteen to England and France. Grandpa even had special fun with the Grandkids. I told them the train to France was going under the English Channel so if they ever felt drips of water to tell me so I could warn the conductor. Grandpa had a squirt gun so halfway through the trip they said that they felt drips of water. It was worth a good laugh when they realized what had happened. Without a doubt, my best memories of Osco are the people. We had, since the founding of Osco, the best people and thus an outstanding culture. People worked hard but worked hard together. People genuinely cared for each other and wanted everyone to succeed. Although I understood the talent of Osco people during the years I worked there, I appreciated it even more after leaving Osco and Ulta. After my Osco and Ulta years I worked for a venture capital firm and was on the Boards of numerous companies. This gave me a prospective on people that I would not have attained working with just one company. It made me understand what a unique and great group of people Osco recruited and developed over many years. I will always feel fortunate that I was able to work with that outstanding group of people

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