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Ed Siler

I joined Osco Drug in 1958, starting at Osco #821 in Marion, Indiana. It was Osco's third operating store in Indiana. Osco #815 in Terre Haute was the first store in Indiana which opened earlier in the 1950's.

As a young assistant manager, my career was influenced by many of the managers for whom I worked. Two of those early managers were Bob McCants and Troy Burnett - both made a lasting impression. During my career with Osco, I held various management positions in different Oscos in the Midwest including; #821 Marion, IN, #837 Kokomo, IN, #815 Terre Haute, IN, #855 Little Rock, Ark, #801 Rochester, Minn., #811 Danville, IL, and finally #828 and #874 Muncie, IN. In the 1960's I recall working at both Kokomo and Terre Haute with a young assistant manager named Bob Cook, we had many a good golf game, when we could get off at the same time. Bob's wife-to-be, Diana, had also worked at Osco. We moved to Muncie in 1977 my last relocation with Osco. It was a lot of hard work for my store team to open #828 Muncie, but a huge sense of accomplishment. Over the years, Osco had exited several markets in Indiana: Kokomo, Columbus, Richmond, Vincennes and Evansville. It was challenging yet exciting to work with the company during the evolution of the stores. In the early years Osco had primarily downtown locations, later opening new stores in mall locations across the country and then came the combination stores and the freestanding stores with drive up pharmacies. Beth and I have one son, Scott. We have three grand-daughters, Hailey, Emma and Claire. While I was store manager in Muncie, a young man, John Nieman, and his sister Chris would occasionally baby sit with Scott. John has told me several times what a delight it was to sit with Scott!!! Since retiring, Beth and I spend part of our winters in Florida. I enjoy fishing, hunting and golfing. Beth even has me playing some bridge. I am also President of the Police Merit Commission which hires, promotes, and disciplines local law enforcement officers. I also serve on our Church finance committee. All these things keep us busy. We had a great time at the Indiana reunion in June. It was great seeing everyone again. What a great job Ron Cardarelli and his committee did our hats off to all of you. I have been an alumni club member for over 15 years. This was the first alumni event I have attended. Hopefully, the club will plan more reunions in the Indianapolis area in the future.

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