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Fresh Tyme Upping In-Store Education at Shelf

Grocer will be 1st to roll out Merryfield's Learn & Earn program.

  • As a participating retailer in the program, which first rolled out last December, Fresh Thyme Market will display Learn & Earn in-store signage and QR codes at-shelf for participating brands. Scanning QR codes with any smartphone camera instantly reveals product information and educational content, and now, through the Merryfield app, shoppers can access new exclusive incentives and money-saving offers to encourage them to buy that product on that shopping trip.

  • Because Learn & Earn is facilitated through the Merryfield Rewards Network, CPG brands taking part in the program at Fresh Thyme will have exclusive access to a growing suite of consumer activation and insights solutions. This real-time holistic view of consumer purchases offers CPGs unprecedented visibility into consumer preferences and decision-making in the store.

  • Learn & Earn participation is open to all natural and conventional products and brands throughout the store.

  • Downer's Grove, Ill. based Fresh Tyme has 71 stores in 10 States throughout the Midwest.

SOURCE: Progressive Grocer, 3/9/23

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