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Gary Hunstiger / President

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

President (2014 - Present)

Biography/Work History:

I joined Osco Drug as a part-timer at store #813 in St. Cloud, MN in 1963. After a 4 year stint in the US Navy, Bill Mayfield promoted me into the management ranks as a 2nd Assistant in Austin, MN. Shortly after arriving in Austin, I married Jane and she blessed us with 2 daughters; Molly and Karen. I held every store management position culminating as a Market Manager at #456 Evansville, IN. Then it was my turn to serve on Tork Fuglestad’s staff for a couple of years as the operations and merchandising manager. I was then promoted to District Manager in New England reporting to Dick Davis. A few years later, Larry Wahlstrom convinced me to take on the newly designed role as director of sales for Osco based out of Oak Brook, IL. That role led to an opportunity at American Stores Corporate as the director of Retail Operations and ultimately Arlyn White offered the opportunity to serve as the VP of Category Management and to transition the Category Management team to Salt Lake City and eventually Scottsdale in 1999. Once again Opportunity knocked on the door and in 2002 Kevin Tripp promoted me to the role of Area VP for the Central Region. The sale of the drug stores presented the next opportunity and once again Kevin Tripp guided my career to SUPERVALU as the director of merchandising Services, (planogramming, space management and resets). Nearly 47 years and 14 moves later I retired. My wife Jane and I reside in Waconia, MN and look forward to spending time with family, especially our 3 grandchildren Matthew, Andrew and Adele. We plan to enjoy the winter months in Scottsdale Arizona. My hobbies include woodworking, biking and a passion for fishing. Following my retirement I have taken a part time position with Prism Retail Services as a business development consultant which has provided the opportunity to stay connected with many of our former associates and vendors. In April of 2011 I joined the Osco Sav-on Alumni Club Board of Directors as Vice President. In April 2014 I became President of the Alumni Club.

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