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Gerry Bay

hat gorgeous weather we are having here in Arizona. I want to start out by telling everyone about the magnificent Thanksgiving Day cookout held at the Cave Creek Regional Park. This has been a tradition for some 12 years or so, but this is the first time the Bays took part.

Needless to say, the weather was perfection....high 70's and not a cloud to behold. The setting was perfect where the group took over two Ramadas in the park. The attendance was expected to be sixty or so, and we were not disappointed. Gary Hunstiger, Jim Martin, Tim Sauer and James Hoskins were in charge of early arrival and the initiation of the Weber grills to begin the cooking of four turkeys and a ham. Truth be told, the master mind behind this event was Jane Hoskins and she did not disappoint. It was like a machine. Ken Walker, too, was an early arrival and in his take charge mode. He began greeting the guests as they arrived and I believe telling them where to park.

Very soon, he was tasking others with the set up of card tables and placement of the food line. The attendees were friends, family, extended families coming from Toronto, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South and North Dakota, Arkansas and of course the Phoenix valley. Mo & Annie Murray arrived from the higher country of Camp Verde. Mo was dressed in his fatigues, but I am happy to say he left his guns at home. He shared two cans of spam from his bunker supplies, which I thought was generous, but most were just glad to see Annie. The cars began coming in droves unloading, adults, children, grandchildren, godchildren and the plentiful supplies for the festive feast. I have never seen 25 crock pots hooked up to two electrical outlets before. There were packs of javelins and coyotes heading for the higher country out of fear of an electrical spark.

Frank Stock and I spotted an appetizer table and we felt the need to test the foods freshness for the benefit of others. John McGovern was having a great day with his grandson. He finally found someone to play with that wouldn't run away.

All in all, it was a grand Thanksgiving gathering and one to be remembered for some time. Our thanks for all the hard work.

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