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Gerry Pearsall

Gerry Pearsall joined Osco in 1979 as a part-time camera clerk at #972 Lowell, Massachusetts while a sophomore in high school. During college, he continued employment with the company as a part-time clerk and joined Osco fulltime in 1985, after graduating from University of Massachusetts with a B.A. in Computer Science. His first assignment was Sales Representative at Alves Photo Service in Braintree, Massachusetts. Alves was the east coast division of Crest Photo Labs and serviced the Osco’s New England stores, Star Market, independent retailers and pharmacies. Gerry later served as Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Alves before relocating to Illinois in 1989 becoming Training Manager at Crest Photo in Elgin, Illinois. In 1990 he became shift/production manager at the Elgin photo lab.

In 1992 Gerry joined American Drug Stores Human Resources department as Manager of Internal Communications at the 1818 Oak Brook, Illinois office. He spearheaded the development and operation of the company’s internal satellite broadcast network. He later became Manager of Human Resources Information Systems in 1995 where he developed applications which provided corporate manpower forecasting, turnover analysis, staffing, compensation, benefits budget models, salary administration, learning management and career development tracking processes.

In 1997, Gerry was named Manager of Marketing Administration, managing groups responsible for seasonal ordering, shelf label administration, general merchandise sourcing and internal communication support for American Store’s general merchandise and marketing/procurement functions. He later relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah and transitioned those departments from 1818 Oak Brook to the Salt Lake City office.

After the Albertsons and American Stores Company merger was announced in 1998, Gerry declined to relocate to Scottsdale, Arizona where the drugstore and general merchandise division were being moved. Prior to the FTC approval and finalization of the merger, he became Manager of Special Projects, responsible for overseeing projects in Human Resources and Merchandising departments related to the integration of American Stores and Albertsons’ HR/Payroll systems with financial systems, PeopleSoft conversion and Y2K projects. In 2000, he left Albertsons, relocated to New Hampshire and joined Fidelity Investments where he is currently employed as an analyst for implementation and support of Fidelity’s large market (Fortune 100) clients.

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