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Glen Yergeau

Glen Yergeau…My wife, Kim, and I are doing really well. After 43 years (to the day) of drug retail, I retired July 10, 2020. I remember my first day at Osco Drug, July 11, 1977 in Aurora, IL. John McGovern was my manager, and he truly had a positive impact on me early on. Back then we would actually chase shoplifters out of the store!

Our four kids are grown and have moved out on their own (for now); two are in NH, two are in MA. We built our retirement home on a small lake in Salem, NH in 2014. Two of our four children are married and we are blessed with a 1-year-old grandson, Axel Smith Myers. I now understand how great it is to be a grandfather! Earlier this year we bought a winter home in The Villages, FL, a large active 55+ community in central Florida.

Now that I’ve retired, I spend a lot of time playing golf and pickleball. I play golf on a summer senior league Tuesdays in NH, and with a foursome Fridays spring through fall with some of my fraternity brothers (including Ken Bellefeuille). My new love is pickleball. I play several times a week. At some point, we plan to do some traveling.

We’ve been on several great vacations over the years. I love cruises and Disney World because both are so much fun, but I would have to say that my favorite vacation is when a group of our friends hiked the Grand Canyon in 2018 and stayed two nights at a Native American lodge down in the canyon. That was spectacular. I also spend a long weekend with my fraternity (Sigma Beta - UNH) brothers every summer. We’ve been doing that for over 40 years. Although we refer to it as “the camping trip,” we haven’t camped for many years.

I had so many great times working for Osco Drug and met many great people that I admired and became friends with.


- I remember traveling the Central Region with Bill Bates and the Central Region DMs and the late-night dinners afterwards.

- I remember attending several Chicago Bulls games with Dave Gillis and the Chicago Region back when Michael Jordan was playing.

- I remember Bob Cook’s retirement cruise, where the ship had just left the dock and thankfully returned to pick Kim and me up because we were a few minutes late.

- I remember the many meetings with and advice I received from Pat Johnston as I transitioned to corporate life.

- I remember as a DM for Larry Wahlstrom, we rearranged our travel plans to Arizona to beat the snow storm bearing down on New England, Kim was not happy.

- I remember Bob Cook, who I considered to be my mentor and a friend. He was tough and I learned so much.

Looking back, it was a special time for me.

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