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Jerry Gonyo

Jerry Gonyo moved to Arizona and opened Trade Services Office in Scottsdale, Arizona to service Albertsons' general merchandise needs. Jerry and his wife of 47 years, Darlene, have two grandchildren in Glenview, Illinois and three grandchildren in Bloomington, Indiana ages 4-10. The families get together several times a year.

Jerry is active in planning and organizing alumni events for Osco/Sav-on in the Arizona area. He is Secretary for Delta Sig Fraternity Phoenix Alumni Chapter, hosts Alumni events for University Of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Alumni twice a year and is active on Terravita Community Boards and Committees. Jerry also enjoys gardening in the Sonaran desert, a true learning process. He participated in the Mini Walking Marathons this past year in Indiannapolis, Indiana and in Phoenix, Arizona with son Jeff and daughter Jill.

Darlene joins Jerry in concerts, canasta, and other area events. They are glad JCRE (Jewel Companies Retirement Estates) was part of his early worklife -- the 401k contributions and results are now paying off.

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