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Joe Egan

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Joe Egan...My Family is doing good, My nephew (Dylan) seems to be recovering from his Leukemia treatments (bone marrow transplant) My Sister Mary Spring and brother Mike Egan has retired. Both are living in Carver, MA.

I'm currently living in Randolph, MA. I’ve been getting together with friends and family on the weekends for barbecues or trips to the North End of Boston for dinner are always enjoyable. Some of my friends are from my days where we met up at the Osco #905 in Quincy. MA. I’m also in a Fantasy football league with some friends from Savon. i.e. Terry Sullivan, Scott & Rick Daniels &Tom Friend. We have a reunion every two years in Nova Scotia Canada with my Mom's side of the family. That is always fun. We rent out a different place each time (cottages) near a beach and we take over the whole place. It's around 100+ people that attend, all family related. I also really enjoy my trips to the UP in Michigan. Where I get to meet up with some old Army Friends and we catch up with each other and walk the Mackinaw Bridge on Labor Day. I also take a trip to one away Game each year with a group of friends and family to see the Patriots play. I have allot of great memories from my Osco/Savon days. I worked with and for some great people (Brent Keil, Peter Bartholomew, Gary Hunstiger, Terry Sullivan, Dominik Archer, Ron Cardarelli, John Hopbell, to just name a few) The annual GM meetings were always great as I had the chance to catch up with the many people I worked with in the different areas of the country (Boston, Kansas City, Chicago, Las Vegas & Boise).

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