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John Kromer

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

John Kromer... Life has been very good to us. To date the Kromer women, wife Gloria aka (Gug), daughters Betsy and Kathleen have, thank God, seen their way through eight brushes with various cancers. We remain thankful for all the prayers so many have said offered over the years.

We each continue to thrive as do our two sons-in-law and Rebecca (11). We remain in Naperville, IL where we have resided in the same home for nearly 43 years. For fun spending time with family is the very best. Less cooking and more eating out is back on the list of the life's enjoyments. Sharing a good meal with family and friends does top the list.

Tennis has given way to playing and walking the golf course plus enjoyable regular strolls together. We look forward to getting back into extensive travel with US baby steps in 2021. Photography has been a hobby since cell phones hit the market and piano continues to be a good place to leave the cares of the world behind. Our best vacation was a small river boat cruise down the Danube with good friends which continues to provide fond memories. A close 2nd was a Tauk Tour of the Austrian Alps. Fondest memories of your time spent at Osco in retrospect, watching very good fortune play out, my time with Osco was wonderful. Getting on board as a part timer with Duane Davis in time for the Dubuque grand opening while a senior at Loras College was something very special. Believe it was the Christmas of '66 when I agreed to stay on through 12/24 before returning home to my future bride. Life was pretty lonely at the time while living as one of about 5 guys in an otherwise deserted dorm. The morning of 12/22 Mr. D. presented me with a round trip train ticket to Chicago. The two extra days meant the world to me. What a wonderful thing and a pretty good recruiting tool, too. There are many more stories of kindness along that 23 year Osco career courtesy of bosses like Ernie Sawyer, Larry Hedges, Bill Jacobs by way of Max Jenkins, Dave Gillis, Ron Grove, Byron Luke, Dave Maher, Terry Hanson and even Dick George for a couple of months when asked to help prepare a document that would aid the process of Osco Drug going public. That was a fun assignment until the market crashed in October 1987. Playing “Patton” followed not too long thereafter as did "Count on People Who Care." It was a very good ride. Thanks go to all who supported us along the way with so many doses of good common sense, all for the common good.

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