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John Roehm

Article below from Connections November 2009

If any alumnus, having worked in either the merchandising or pharmacy departments between 1992 and 2006, was asked to think of a person with very high energy and an unrelenting passion for retail, top of mind for many of us will be John Roehm. John has been the epitome of drive and enthusiasm in his many roles with Osco/Sav-on during his 25 years with the company.

Work History

John started with Osco in 1981 as a pharmacist at Osco #980 Somerville, Massachusetts shortly after graduating from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. Soon after, John moved into store management at Osco #959 Somerville, Massachusetts as 2nd Assistant Manager then to Osco #303 Somerville, Massachusetts and to Osco #966 Woburn, Massachusetts as 1st Assistant Manager. His first assignment as a General Manager was at Osco #986 Allston, Massachusetts and later at Osco #978 Boston (Brigham Circle). In 1992, John became a Category Manager for Healthcare at the American Drug Stores' Oak Brook, Illinois office followed by assignments as Manager of Space Management and Analysis and later Director of Healthcare. He and his family relocated from Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1997 where John became the Director of Business Development. In 1999, John moved his family to Scottsdale, Arizona and assumed the position of Director of Pharmacy Marketing. John continued in that role until June 2006 shortly after the CVS acquisition of all of Albertson's Osco Drug and Sav-on freestanding stores.

John accepted the position of President/CEO of Mollen Immunization Clinics (MIC) and wasted no time in picking up full stride as he impacted the business. MIC at that time provided flu shot coverage for the state of Arizona only. In just three years, Mollen Immunization Clinics has expanded its operations to all 50 states in the United States. As the 2009 flu season peaked, Mollen employed 350 people in their Scottsdale office and over 20,000 nurses nationwide. Mollen Immunization Clinics is the second largest community provider of immunizations in the United States, and in 2009 supported nearly 30,000 clinics across the country. MIC's headquarters occupy two buildings in an office complex in Scottsdale.

MIC and Former Osco/Sav-on People

In 2007, John took full advantage of Albertson's office closures in the Scottsdale, Arizona area after the acquisitions of Albertsons by SuperValu and Osco/Sav-on by CVS. Former Osco associates on John’s team include Mike Cihlar, Vice President of Operations, who joined MIC in 2008 and John McGovern, Director of Human Resources and Community Relations joined MIC in 2009.

Other former Osco and Sav-on people have joined the MIC team to assist seasonally with the oversight of operations across the United States. Jeff Brune oversees the Arizona market, Wanda White and Bob Potter are Field Management overseeing the operation of clinics in California. Stan Petersen for Kansas and Missouri oversight and Reg Bogusch for the Chicagoland and surrounding area for MIC. Based in the Arizona office, Deana Kilgos is the Manager of Recruiting and Steve Page is the Manager of Operations & Logistics. John continues to look for people that can provide the support as Field Management and always has opportunities for nurses. He continues to look for partners to provide seasonal locations for the Clinics that will meet the demands of the growing business. Information is available on MIC's web site:

MI Clinics operate in retail locations, retirement communities, HOA community centers, churches, corporate locations, schools, along with city and county facilities. Retail partners supported by MIC include: AJ’s Fine Foods, Albertsons, Albertson-Osco, Albertsons-Sav-on, Bashas’, CVS Pharmacy’s, Food City, Fry’s Food & Drug (Kroger), Rite Aid, and Wal-Mart.

John and his wife Cheryl have been married for 27 years and have four children. They have two sons; John, who is at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Nick who attends Arizona State University majoring in Finance and Accounting. John and Cheryl also have two daughters; Erin starting at University of Arizona in Pre-Med and Kylle, a junior in high school in Scottsdale.

The experiences that John has had with Osco and Sav-on and the people that he worked with as mentors have all been a great benefit to the development of this organization. He is having a great time in the process and is carrying on with that “brilliant” enthusiasm.

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