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Judy Archer / Secretary

Updated: Sep 1, 2021


I joined the Osco family in December 1984, working in the Alarm Center at OBDC. From there I moved to 1818 Merchandising until my departure in 1990 to Ulta Beauty. In 1992 I left Ulta and experienced several different companies until I realized my true dedication was to Osco Drug, returning to Merchandising in 1997. I served in several different positions while at Osco, ending my last 10 years in the Pharmacy Clinical Programs department at 3030. In 2014 I left Osco to care for my father-in-law.

During this time, I spent many hours continuing my education both online and on campus, ultimately graduating from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor in General Studies at age 59. This degree allowed me to obtain a Substitute Teaching license, which I used immediately. After a year, Westmont, Illinois school district offered me a position as a Paraprofessional along with substitute teaching when needed. I retired from this position May 2021. The education experience is one I very much enjoyed, and I will most likely substitute when needed.

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