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Karel Oddo

In addition to Jerry Rivinius, the club has another member who is a published author – Karel Oddo. Karel is the author of Karel's Kitchen - Treasured Recipes Since 1924. When Karel was nine years old, she was already cooking for Christmas, and not just with her Easy Bake Oven. "I was always asking to cook and help in the kitchen." After five decades of feeding family and friends, not just because of her love for the homemaker role, but because of a passion for cooking and entertaining, Karel gave in to the urging of her daughters and compiled favorite recipes into a cookbook. Karel's Kitchen was published by Morris Press Cookbooks in October 2012. The first printing has sold out and the second printing is hot off the press. Some of the recipes were staples of her grandmother’s. Other recipes were common in the kitchen of her mother and additional recipes are her own discoveries. All 305 recipes detailed in the book are among Karol’s favorites, As she says, "What is so fantastic is that all my recipes are delicious, not just one or two that you find in most cookbooks today. My book is truly a book of treasured recipes."

As one reads through Karel's Kitchen, it is immediately apparent that her favorite recipes are rather easy and most delicious. They are not those of a gourmet cook, but of someone who enjoys cooking for family and friends. The common ingredients for her Vanilla Caramels or Lemon Bars, for example, or her Chicken Quick or Party Potatoes, would probably be found in most home kitchens. As Karel says, "My recipes are simple, wholesome, easy, and truly great recipes." Karel also serves the same fare to her personal friends. As the years went by, she came to cook and bake favorite recipes for her grandchildren.

If you would like to order Karel's cookbook, email her at The cost of the book is $20 plus $5 shipping for a total of $25 per book.

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