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Kathy Ford

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Kathy Ford…We’re doing great! We are living in Fair Oaks Ranch near Boerne, Texas.

Jim and I are enjoying our days relaxing, working in our yard, visiting with family, and traveling a little. Life is simple and good! For fun we go to the gym and staying active are the things I love doing. I also enjoy being part of my brother’s kids and grandkids lives. Mostly just grateful for every day and always finding something to keep me busy and give me joy; cooking, gardening, sewing, painting, and crafting! All the things I had no time for in my working life. Our best vacation, prior to moving home to Texas, Jim and I traveled all through Northern Idaho, Canada, Wyoming, Montana, Northern California, Oregon, and Washington so many great places to see and enjoy. But the best was traveling by private boat in the San Juan’s! Some of my fondest memories of time spent with Osco/SavOn was the people and the many places I visited and worked at! Miss my work family!

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