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Ken Walker Memorial Service

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

We thank everyone who attended the services for Ken Walker over the weekend of March 16, which concluded on Monday, March 18 with a military memorial service for Ken. To say the least, it was a fitting conclusion to the celebration of life events that took place over the past few days.

The service was spectacular and included a fly over coordinated by Ken's friends and neighbors.

If you missed the celebration of life event on Saturday, you will be able to hear the song Il Silenzio by Nino Rossi. This was a version of the Taps Ken had heard in Italy while waiting in a train station during military travel. Ken was inspired by it and from that day planned to use it during his memorial services…it was awesome on Saturday and fits well with last Monday's Military Memorial.

Enjoy the photos, the memories and the music. Thank you to Steve Hollingshead for assisting us in getting the video to work in a format everyone should be able to view.

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