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Larry Wahlstrom

Biography/Work History: I spent the first 30 years of my career with Osco, starting in 1971 as a part-time clerk working for George Stearns at Osco #823 in Green Bay, WI. I was a management trainee and 2nd assistant at Osco #881 in Clinton, IA with Denny Hank and Larry Hudson and then moved on to Osco #831 in Rockford, IL with Walt Minehart. Osco #966 in Woburn, MA was my first position as store manager (Jim Willyard was 1st assistant at the store and Jon Brooks was 2nd assistant). I later relocated to Boise, ID as Market Manager, then as Chicago Operations Manager for Terry Hanson and later district manager in Central Region district 9 in Michigan and Indiana working with Tork Fuglestad and other great people. I became Group Merchandise Manager and VP of Advertising under Ron Grove. In 1991 I became VP, Eastern Region and finished my career with Osco as VP Sales and Marketing. I went on to be President of Albertsons in Florida, President Jewel-Osco and President of Shaw's.

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