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LEWIS DRUG Celebrates 80th Anniversary

  • Today, Lewis Drug serves customers in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota with stores that offer quality prescription and OTC Drugs in well stocked formats, with comprehensive and sophisticated front ends featuring specialty items and gifts, in addition to products ranging from beauty, grocery, pet products, wine and spirits.

  • The First Lewis Drug was opened by John Griffin in downtown Sioux Falls in February, 1942.

  • The store was a 7,000 Sq. Ft. former Skaggs Grocery store and the self-service shopping concept was introduced to the Midwest, in this store.

  • A second store was opened on the edge of town and became the prototype for all new stores. The store was eventually enlarged to 60,000 Sq. Ft. to accommodate fishing boats, cameras and other goods.

  • Mark Griffin, followed in his fathers footsteps, after attending Arizona State University and eventually assumed the roles of president and CEO.

  • Today, Lewis Drug has 60 locations in operation or under construction.

SOURCE: Chain Drug Review

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