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Lights, Camera, Action -- Tom Endicott!

We just learned that member Tom Endicott will be performing on stage at the Hale Centre Theatre in Gilbert, Arizona in a production of “It’s A Wonderful Life”. The play runs October 14 through November 24, 2011. Details about the play are located HERE ... show dates, times and ticket information.

This has become a bit of a second “career” for Tom - he debuted at the same theatre earlier this year in a comedy “Never Too Late” which was the Broadway precursor to the TV show “All in the Family”. The Gilbert theatre is a very nice center stage venue, about 8 years old, seats around 400 and is part of a family owned theatre company with 3 theatres in Orem, Utah and one in Glendale, California. There are some good restaurants in the same area and it might make a fun night out for a group or couple.

So what character does Tom play? George Bailey? Mr. Potter? Clarence? Uncle Billy? Mr. Gower? We don't know! Anyone who sees the play, let us know -- provide a review of Tom's performance, take photos and send them along!

For those who forgot the premise of “It’s A Wonderful Life”, click below to see the theatrical trailer.

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