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Linda (Kulawiak) Pawlicki

We received this message from Linda (Kulawiak) Pawlicki who recently joined the Alumni Club:

Hello all ! I spent 20+ years with what back then was “Jewel Companies”. Originally worked for a convenience store chain (White Hen Pantry) in the executive office when I was recruited over to Osco Drug offices at 1818 Oakbrook as Copy Supervisor in the Advertising Dept. working with Barbara Nosek, Bob Braden, Audrey Korinek, Mark Panzer and the like.

While working full-time at 1818, completed my Bachelor’s degree at Elmhurst College. At the ripe old age of 41, met, fell in love and married my husband who promptly was transferred by the company he worked for to Atlanta, Georgia and transferred again to Orlando, Florida where we currently reside. For the past 14 years, I have worked for a financial services company here in Orlando. My current position is Director of Employee Benefits & Executive Administration. I am also the editor of the company newsletter and serve on the Board of Directors for Keewin Center, a real estate cooperative. Look forward to the alumni event in October!

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