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Lowe's & Petco Testing Store-in-Store Concept

Lowe’s and Petco today announced a pilot store-in-store concept that brings the two retailers and Petco’s Retail Brands (private brands) into one, convenient stop at select Lowe’s locations. The first Lowe’s + Petco store-in-store concept is expected to open at Lowe’s Alamo Ranch, Texas location in early February, with plans to expand to 14 additional Lowe’s locations in Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina by the end of March 2022.

Over the past two years, Americans have found more comfort, security, and emotional connection through their homes and pets than ever before. More than 11 million new pets entered U.S. homes since the start of the pandemic, and a new survey by Lowe’s shows that 67% of respondents have found their greatest comfort in their pets while nearly half found that comfort in their homes. While Lowe’s stores nationwide have had a longstanding open-door policy to pets, Lowe’s + Petco locations will provide a unique customer experience where pet parents can support their pet’s health and wellness through a curated assortment of Petco’s high-quality pet nutrition, supplies, and services, and improve the home they share in one shopping trip.

Source Retail Brands Institute

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