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Mary Gallivan

Mary Gallivan provided this update October 2009:

My husband Tom and I bought a townhouse in Colorado Springs about 3 years ago thinking ahead to retirement. Both Tom and I decided to retire early. I celebrated 20 years with the company on August 1, 2009. Never thought I would have been around that long! We sold our home in Elmhurst, Illinois and officially retired on August 14, 2009. We moved into our townhouse on August 20, 2009.

Tom and I hike every day. There are many places here to hike. The Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon are in walking distance and we have been to Woodland Park, Mueller State Park, and Florissant which are all about a 45 minute to an hour drive.

The sky is blue and the sun shines almost all the time. Even when it is cold the sun warms you up. We have had a couple of wintery storms, but so far the snow and ice are gone the next day. Hope the winter will be the same.

I do miss all of my friends from Osco and try to stay in touch with them through email. I have attached a picture from our balcony of Pikes Peak.

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