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Mike Koestler

Mike Koestler…During my 32 year Retail career I have worked for, or at: Elk Grove DS, Republic Lumber, Osco Ops, 1818, SLC, Jewel Melrose Pk, American Stores, Albertson’s, SuperValu and Cerbrus. The last 14 years I have worked in the Illinois liquor Whole Sale business, currently working for Maverick Wine Co. Maverick has allowed me a great opportunity to build a Chain division and manage sales to every Illinois National chain. I’m splitting my time between Roselle, Il and Laguna Woods, CA. Covid-19 has forced me to spend most of my time working remotely from California, so I can’t complain. I will retire in June of 2021, and getting married in August to a wonderful woman, ready to start the next stage of my life. My second vehicle is now a golf cart and I’ve never been happier. I’m a lucky man. We plan to explore California, the US and Europe in the next few years. In between trips, look for tropical beaches!

My two kids are doing great. My daughter lives in Southern California with her husband and twin girls. My son is happy skiing & mountain climbing in Whitefish Montana.

My best memories of Osco will always be managing stores. I can talk about merchandising seasonal displays for hours. I will never forget competing to be #1 in sales in Elgin or at the Brick Yard. Opening new stores was always an adventure at Schaumburg, Glendale Heights and Milwaukee & Ashland. I was promoted to Liquor Sales Manager and it was my Operational background and experience that made me a good Buyer. There were so many great people along the way. I was lucky to have outstanding mentors; Ray, Mitch, Byron, Greg, Rex, Ed….. Just to name a few. I’m fortunate and grateful for the life lessons and opportunities Osco provided me.

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