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News from Mike Cihlar

Hello my Osco/Sav-on Alumni friends, family, colleagues and peers,

For some of you it has been a while since we last spoke. The last time I sent an Alumni update, it was after leaving Mollen Immunization Clinics in April 2013. Well, I took some time off spending it with my family and friends. I worked on my golf and tennis game too (it didn’t help). Going stir crazy, I went back to work in July 2013 joining John Roehm and others to help build a start-up company named Ulta Lab Tests. It was certainly an exciting year working with my friends getting Ulta off the ground, but in July 2014 I made another career change.

I accepted a job with McKesson as the Retail Operations Director for their Health Mart Pharmacy division. I will relocate to Atlanta, Georgia and oversee McKesson's Health Mart Pharmacy South Region's business development and clinical operations. The plan is to always have a place in Phoenix AZ. My son, Zach has one more year of high school and we certainly will not disrupt his senior year and we want to give him a place to come back to during his college years. I will have a lot of flexibility to come back and forth to see Leigh, Zach and my friends. During my ‘Summer of Mike’, we found ourselves moving twice in 14 months (yes that was fun). So for those of you that couldn't keep up with our moving, below is our Phoenix AZ (and now my Atlanta) address to add to your contacts We want to keep our Phoenix, AZ home as we certainly plan to retire here someday.

I consider myself truly fortunate to have each of you as a part of my previous/current career and life. Each of you have been such a positive influence and truly appreciate our Osco/Sav-on Alumni friendship, association and relationship together.

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