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Retail’s Reinvention

Resetting store strategies to drive growth.

During the pandemic, retailers started to

wonder what kind of role the physical store

still had to play. Many stores closed and

there was a higher reliance on online shop-

ping and a resurgence in shopping locally.

Overnight, retailers were challenged to

rethink and reset their business strategies.

Three years on, stores are back at the

top of the agenda in post-pandemic retail

and the data speaks for itself. During the

holiday period, in-store foot traffic was up,

with consumers less inclined to do their

seasonal shopping from their couches.

However, the retail landscape has

changed, and a new approach is required.

To truly capitalize on the growth opportu-

nities, retailers need to be willing to reset

their store strategies — and do so as part of

a broader reinvention of the business.

By Lori Zumwinkle

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