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REX Awards 2022: OTC and Preventive Health

Drug Store News Retail Excellence Awards spotlight companies that develop innovative over-the-counter products. Self-care is more important than ever. Whether consumers are reluctant to visit healthcare providers during the ongoing pandemic, or just to take charge of their own health, customers are seeking OTC Medicines.

Cough and Cold, Pain, Sleep and Stress Categories are all seeing a growing demand for products that provide solutions. According to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, citing figures from The Nielsen Co., retail sales of OTC medicines totaled $36.5 Billion in 2020 compared to $35.2 Billion in 2019. The largest categories were upper respiratory at $8.65B, internal analgesics at $4.5B, heartburn at $2.16B, First Aid at $1.56B and Eye Care at $1.3B.

Here are this year's Retail Excellence Awards-OTC & Preventive Health.

  • Xlear is a manufacturer of xylitol-based products. Their nasal spray was developed thru extensive research on the benefits of xylitol and Spry toothpaste combines a formula that hardens teeth to prevent decay better than fluoride alone.

  • Wish Garden Herbs provides whole herb liquid extracts.

  • ADM Protexin is the probiotics manufacturer that expanded its product lineup with Bio-Kult Boosted.

  • Bausch & Lomb launched products for eye health including Lumify, Alaway PF, Biotrue Hydration Boost.

  • Borion USA is known for its Arnicare line of pain relievers and Oscilliococcium flu reliever. Sinus Calm, Cold Calm and Stress Calm are dissolvable tablets that can be taken without water.

  • Country Life Vitamins developed products for immune health, cognitive health and overall daily wellness.

  • Gaia Herbs is known for its Tumeric products to help reduce occasional inflammation. Its Gummy products are USDA Organic Certified, Non-GMO Verified and sweetened with real fruit.

  • Hyland's Naturals is best known for immune support, pain relief and stress relief products. All are available in new Gummy formulations.

  • J & J Consumer Health launched Ourtone adhesive bandages, Zyrtec Non-Medicated Soothing Face Wipes and Extra Strength Tylenol Cold & Flu Multi-Action.

  • Natrol makes products for sleep, immune, nutrition and beauty categories. This past year Natrol reintroduced Chewable Zinc and Immune Boost and rolled out immune products Biotic and Elderberry Gummies.

  • Total Resource International provides first aid kits and wound care products. Silvex Wound Gel is used to treat injuries, prevent infections and neutralize viruses. Line extensions include wound wash, throat drops an immuno boost supplements.

  • Doctor Easy provides professional-grade ear washing with WaxRx for ear wax removal.

  • Focus Consumer Healthcare had a full-scale launch of Garlique to support customers cholesterol and healthy blood pressure needs.


ssociation, citing figures from The Nielsen CXo.

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