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Roger Carpenter

Roger Carpenter joined Osco in 1967, shortly after graduating from the University of Nebraska Pharmacy School. His first store assignment was at Osco #804 (downtown Rockford, Illinois) as a staff pharmacist. After filling prescriptions for a short time, Roger recognized the opportunities available in the Osco management program. He joined the program and subsequently served as assistant manager at Osco #665 Barrington, Illinois, Osco #880 West Lafayette, Indiana, and later at Osco #876 Springfield, Illinois. Roger also worked for an 18 month tour of duty in the early 1970’s as Director of College Recruiting in the Personnel Dept. at the 3030 Franklin Park, Illinois headquarters (3030 was Osco’s corporate office prior to the opening of 1818 Oak Brook, Illinois in 1974). Roger’s first assignment as store (general) manager came at Osco #819 in Springfield, Illinois in 1972.

After just a year at the helm of his store, he was recalled to the 3030 Franklin Park, Illinois office to join Osco’s reorganized Merchandising Department as a Buyer of Candy, Snacks, Soda, Household Chemicals and Pet Supplies. While Rog had visions of a career in store operations, he quickly realized that his goals could also be met in the Marketing functions of the business. During the remainder of the 1970’s Rog bounced back and forth between store operations and merchandising functions in ascending levels of responsibility including Pricing Manager, Central Region Marketing Manager, Merchandising Manager, and Operations Manager. In early 1979, Roger was named District Manager in the Chicago Region, a position he held for 13 years. Rog’s final 6 years in the 1990’s were spent in Market Manager and General Manager roles where he ran the highest volume and most profitable Osco Drug unit during his last 3 years prior to retirement.

Roger retired from Osco in 1998 and has served on the Board of Directors of the Osco Sav-on Alumni Club ever since. Roger was elected club President in 2001 where he currently holds that position. In addition to the Osco/Sav-on alumni organization, Rog volunteers a substantial amount of time to his church’s needs, especially the efforts of the Men’s Club. He enjoys golf a couple days a week in season, yard work, sports of all types, investment research, once a year fishing trip, playing Bridge and keeping in touch with his many friends and family.

Rog and wife, Barb, have resided in Naperville, Illinois since 1978. Their oldest child, Kristen, husband Bill and 3 beautiful grand daughters live in Gurnee, Illinois. The grand daughters call him ‘Poppy’ and he says that no more than 2-3 weeks go by without a visit to their house or to his house. The Carpenter’s youngest child, Ryan, is a single guy, owns a town home in the city, and is a soft ware design engineer for a consulting firm. Rog indicates he has been blessed with a healthy, beautiful, loving family.

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