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Ruby & Howard Koesterer

Howard Koesterer provides this update:

I was born in Freeburg, Illinois about 25 miles from St. Louis. In my teenage years I worked in the only drug store in town. In 1949 I heard the statement “go west young man, go west.” I boarded a bus in St. Louis and headed to Kansas City, Missouri. I applied and was hired by Katz Drug Company Store #9. This store was known as the largest drug store in the USA. It had 3 floors - a balcony, main floor and a basement. The balcony had major appliances; sold washers and dryers, radios. There was also a post office and an eye doctor. The main floor had the drug department, candy, tobacco, liquor, records, mens and ladies wear, and a big soda fountain. The basement had pet supplies, sporting goods, hardware, and toys. There were no KMarts or Wal-marts so people bought most every thing at a drug store.

I was drafted into the Army and spent 15 months in Korea. After my Army service I returned to KC and went to work again at Katz. My career brought me thru Katz, then Skaggs and finally Osco Drug. I retired in 1987 after 49 years with the three companies.

I met my wife Ruby when I worked for a second Katz store. We will be married 57 years this July 18, 2010. Ruby and I have traveled to Rome, Korea for the 50-year celebration, 3 times to Hawaii. We’ve also been on a cruise. We are in good health and still go to Las Vegas twice/year, and have been going to the Indy 500 for the past 40 years. We enjoy our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, attending all their school and sporting events.

I enjoyed all my years with the Katz, Skaggs and Osco stores. “Hi" to all my friends in the Osco/Sav-on Alumni Club and God bless you all.

Love, Howard and Ruby Koesterer

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