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September 2022: ROMEO

Well, here we are at the beginning of September, winding down another great summer. Brent Keil has returned from Minneapolis after depleting the fish in the North and Ron Grove is thinking about venturing west after a summer of boating and fishing activities with family and friends. Dave Schoenbeck has honed is golf game to a single digit handicap and is thinking of adding golf instruction to his consulting gig. Who knows what Liz Garrett and Paul DeGaetano are up, but I would bet one on them is still working up a storm...while the other is the chief chef. Wanda White has moved back to Arkansas much to the chagrin of her California connection. But her family is extremely happy to have her close by. Sandy and Dick Davis are settled in Michigan and I am sure that they have set up a large vegetable stand on one of the local frontage roads. I wonder if Dick spends all his time in coveralls. It is our hope that Tork and family are doing well and will be venturing to Arizona this winter. We miss seeing out friend. That reminds me how much we all miss Jack. Regardless of how often we visited with him, we all took comfort in knowing that smile was just around the corner. It is said that Chuck Barth is now the local greeter in Tonto Verde, but I don’t know how that is possible when I see all of this photos from his world travels. Tom Walter and family are residing now in a glamorous town home around Naperville so that allows them time to travel to Florida and expand their sunshine exposure. Mo and Annie Murray has relocated to Virginia to be near his daughter and grandchild. I would bet that Washington DC is nervous to have him so close. Curt Larson is making ready to return to the Valley of the Sun for the winter, but so far he still has his dock and toys in the lake. The man knows how to live. Stan Petersen is nursing a tricky back and has had to sit on the sidelines for a period of time. We think he is contemplating a jump to LIV. He have tried to tell him that he needs to hear from them first. John McGovern and John Roehm are still working. I have heard that they are on Joe Bidens US Health Panel..They are part of the brain trust…so far they are just sitting in the dark.

I haven’t heard too much from Tom Nielsen, Pat Johnston or Bill Harbecke and do hope all is well with their family and friends. We used to see a bit of Arlyn and Patti White, but they seem to have found new friends. I would say the same for Kevin Tripp, but I think his absence is due to his ankle monitor. Haven and Paul Ready are now local and we hope to see them this fall.

Well, hopefully we will set a Romeo Brunch date for the last of September. It will be good to see everyone. Have a great Labor Day.


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