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Steve and Lisa Sullivan

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Steve and Lisa Sullivan…We are doing great, we have been living in Kansas City, KS for the past 23 years! We have been married 28 years and have two beautiful daughters; Alyssa is 25 and a first grade teacher and Katie is a college senior, starting grad school in June to become a physical therapist.

Steve had his 31st anniversary with CVS in January. Lisa is a medical practice manager in Kansas City. We are “Empty Nesting”! Both of us work from home the majority of the time. For fun we love to travel, though less since COVID. Lisa goes to auctions and flips her finds for profit, increasing our travel budget. We have had at least one college athlete for the last 7 years, so we have committed a lot of time to highways and bleachers. We will miss that, but look forward to new adventures. We have taken a lot of great trips, but Rome takes the cake (or gelato)! We are also partial to Hawaii, San Francisco and love our trips to Red Lake, Ontario. Fondest Osco memories for Lisa was the Managers Christmas Parties, Softball at the T Bones stadium and for Steve it was more about building teams and relationships at work.

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