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Steve Verzak

Steve Verzak…….. My wife and daughter are working/schooling from home. I continue to work onsite in my company’s print shop and distribution centers. Other than work, we've gotten very used to spending time in our backyard and enjoying each other’s company. We're fortunate to live in AZ where the year round weather is great. We do miss going "out". But have done our best to replace those activities with running, hiking, and biking. For fun, Pre-COVID, we would take in as many live concerts and sporting events that we could and try to travel whenever possible. Now its swimming, backyard fires, and hanging with our dogs. Our best vacation was traveling to Jamaica a couple of years ago and we all really enjoyed it. We all prefer a beach over most anything else. Some of our fondest memories of your time spent with Osco/Savon are of the people I met and worked with and the opportunity provided to me by the company. I met a lot of great people and some are friends to this day. I also was given a chance to try many different roles within the organization and am thankful for all of those opportunities.

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