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Terry Hanson Update

Terry HansonSusan and I are doing very well. We celebrated our 51st anniversary and we’re enjoying life. We have four children and eleven grandchildren. Our kids live in Naperville, Las Vegas, San Diego and Hong Kong. We were traveling a lot before COVID and like everyone else we look forward to this being over soon and getting back on the road. We live in Fountain Hills, AZ most of the time, a couple of months in Naperville and spend the summer at the lake in Minnesota. We’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of great people in all those locations and always enjoy spending time with family and friends. I enjoy boating, fishing, reading, some golf and visiting new places. I finally gave up snow skiing this year. One of our best trips was to Asia. We had an opportunity to spend six weeks exploring and visiting many countries as we traveled from Thailand to China. Meeting the people, experiencing the culture and seeing the sites was fantastic! I have many wonderful memories of Osco. After the merger of Skaggs, Savon and Osco into one company, we held an all management company meeting in Chicago, where the “Count on People Who Care” campaign was launched. The advertising campaign and slogan lasted for many years. I also remember the meeting’s final dinner was held at the Field History Museum in Chicago! Meeting many people at district manager and regional meetings held throughout the country, was truly a wonderful experience. The work agenda was always productive and the social time provided an opportunity to get to know each other. Softball and Volleyball games after work at 1818 were always very competitive and a lot of fun! Most importantly I remember how unique it was to work at Osco! The people were dedicated, hardworking and talented. As I reflect on my time at Osco it was truly a highlight of my life. “Osco people truly Care."

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