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Terry Maloy

Severe weather on June 22 spawned a tornado as it moved through parts of Monroe County in southern Iowa. The tornado was reported near Albia, home of Terry Maloy, about 5:53 p.m. and ended about 6:08 p.m. The tornado track was 25 miles long. The track became intermittent and continued on to Albia, where it had an EF-3 rating which had estimated winds of 143 mile per hour. As the tornado sirens blared, Terry snapped a quick photo and both he and Debbie took shelter in their basement 5 minutes before the tornado touched down. Fortunately neither was injured. Upon inspecting the damage, Terry discovered his barn had been flattened by the tornado.

“Prior to the storm, I had tractors in the barn to protect them from hail damage, but am second guessing that decision now”, Terry commented on Facebook. Trees and power lines were knocked down around the city. One of the pictures is of the barn and the steel bin as they used to look like - demolished now. The gray steel bin beside the barn is now one quarter of a mile away in a pasture.

Terry tells us he is very thankful that no one was hurt by the tornado. He has been kept busy in the aftermath, cleaning up the damage and sawing down trees.

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