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Terry Maloy Update

Terry Maloy…During my work career Debbie and I (and our six kids) moved 17 times. In 2004 we decided we had enough of the corporate world. Also, at that time, our parents were starting to have health issues and we wanted to be closer to them. So, with a lot of praying and faith we found a place near where we grew up and moved to Albia, Iowa. We have been here since 2004 the longest we have lived in one place in our 51 years of marriage. As mentioned earlier we have six children (4 daughters, two sons) and 18 grandchildren. Except for 3 grandchildren who live here in Albia we do not get to see the others very often. The other grandchildren are in New Mexico (4), Utah (3), Colorado (6) and New Hampshire (2). We do try to get together in the summer for what we call Camp Magic (Maloy’s Annual Gathering in Iowa Cornfields). We live on a 96-acre farm and have 30 head of cows. For 7-8 days we have thirty plus people in our home! The grandchildren love to come to Papa and Granny’s farm! Moving back to Iowa was truly a God thing as in 2007 Debbie was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. To be near family was a blessing. After going through chemo, radiation and several surgeries Debbie remained cancer free until October 2018 when she was diagnosed with recurring breast cancer stage 4. She began taking Verzenio a targeted therapy which is a CDK inhibitor and Letrozole. I am happy to report that the latest PET Scan did not show any cancer cells. She will continue with this therapy as long as it continues to work. Often, I think of the “good ole days” at Osco as they truly were the good ole days. What made them so was the people. Count on People Who Care was more that an advertising slogan. Some of the most vivid memories I have are the annual conferences (Pheasant Run, Nashville). I still get chills thinking about the time at Pheasant Run we were all singing “Simply the Best!” Another vivid memory is how we came together as a family with during the South Bend tragedy. I will be forever thankful for everyone’s support. After my 25 years at Osco, I have had a variety of experiences. VP Advertising at SAM’S Club, VP Marketing and Advertising DICK’s Sporting Goods and CMO Wild Oat’s Natural & Organic Foods. After moving to Iowa in 2004 I joined Community 1stCredit Union as Vice President Marketing and Advertising and a little over a year later I became CEO and President of the Credit Union. Then in June 2011 I retired from the credit union. Deciding to not be fully retired I accepted the position as Executive Director of the Iowa Extension Council Association. The association serves as a voice for the 900 elected County Extension Council Members in Iowa. This gave me an opportunity to work with Extension and Outreach leadership at Iowa State University and state legislators on legislation affecting the 99 County Extension Districts. Then last April 30, 2020 I retired again and this time for good! Debbie and I wanted to travel more to see the grandkids. Of course, the COVID virus put those plans on hold at that time. We have avoided the virus and are doing well and feel blessed. Debbie continues her volunteering at New Hope Ministries and remains a strong spiritual woman. I continue to be on several church committees and of course I have my cows and the farm to keep me busy. To all my fellow OscoSavon folks, You Are Simply the Best!

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