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Terry O’Malley

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Terry O’Malley...Terry and his wife Linda have been living in Scottsdale, AZ the past 12 years. He says, "Family is doing great, and can't get enough time with our 4 grandchildren (an 11 year old granddaughter and 9 year old grandson in AZ, and two grandsons, ages 5 and 3 in IL).

We try to get to Chicago as often as possible to see the boys, but haven't been able to since this began. We've had our own business the past 22 years as manufacturers' reps selling HABA products to Albertsons, SuperValu (now UNFI) and WinCo Foods. We're learning the new technique of virtual sales which has certainly been different, but fun. Meetings seem to be more focused and productive when you erase all the distractions associated with travel. Always look back on the 19 years spent at Osco Drug with fondest memories. Starting right out of high school, would never have imagined what I was about to learn, working in 14 different store locations throughout Chicago, and spending 5 years with the merchandising group, I learned so much from the people I worked with. Osco Drug had an endless pool of incredibly talented individuals throughout the organization. The skills learned from my retail career continue to help me be successful in my job today. Can honestly say I enjoyed everything about working with Osco. Made so many friends and have so many great memories I'll always cherish."

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