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The Future of Health & Wellness in Retail

FMI's "Power of Health and Well-being in the Food Industry" reports on customer perspectives around Health & Wellness in grocery stores.

  1. Consumer behaviors evolve: The pandemic led to major changes in shopper perspectives and behaviors, and these continue to shift. While health and well-being is of major importance to consumers, FMI research indicates that shoppers have slightly relaxed some of their habits on this topic in the past year. For example: shoppers have reduced their focus on product health claims and streamlined the number of eating approaches they are following.

  2. Food industry builds on health strategies: The ongoing work of food retailers and product suppliers increasingly illuminates the concept of food as medicine. This concept focuses on food as it relates to preventative medicine, disease management and treatment, nutrition security and food safety. Registered dietitians are playing major roles in these strategies.

  3. Employee wellness gains in importance: Many food retailers are making health and well-being programs and activities available not just to customers, but also to employees. The top programs that include employees are healthy recipes, health screenings, well-being classes, vendor partnership programs and meal planning resources.

  4. Shoppers eye health across food categories: From ‘better-for-me’ offerings in meat to health benefits in produce, shoppers relay that health is a major purchase driver across food categories. A case in point: Almost 60% of consumers purchase specific fruits and vegetables that they associate with delivering health benefits.

  5. Well-being drives policy efforts: FMI and its members have been playing a critical role in the 2022 White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health — the first such White House forum in more than 50 years. The goals are to underscore the food industry’s central role in ending hunger and food insecurity, reducing diet-related diseases, and improving nutrition and health by offering policy recommendations and developing industry commitments.

SOURCE: Supermarket News

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