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Three Trends That Will Define the Future of Healthcare

  1. Care will become more connected and collaborative.

  • This will be an important transition as site-of-care shifts gather pace and care moves away from hospitals and physicians' offices-the Advisory Board estimates 26% of outpatient visits could be performed virtually in the future. AI-driven solutions will give clinicians access to actionable diagnostic insights.

2. A Tech-enabled Workforce Will Transform Care Delivery.

  • Clinicians report they spend around half their working day on administrative tasks and 40% is spent on the computer entering or retrieving data. Expect organizations to ramp up their adoption of Artificial Intelligence technologies over the coming year.

3. Big Steps Will Be Taken Toward Advancing Health Equity.

  • Installing internet access hotspots to enable under-served communities to benefit from virtual care will help redress the balance. To advance health equity, patient engagement solutions must use tools like conversational AI to provide effective self service to our older generations and less-affluent communities.

SOURCE: Healthcare Dive, 1/17/23

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