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Tom Byrne

Tom Byrne writes:

I joined Jewel in 1964 and retired in 1990. From 1969 I was in charge of construction for Jewel, but that also meant the combination Jewel-Osco stores. In those years the Osco guys I worked closely with were Dave Gillis, Rex Dobey, Bob Cook and Howard Potts. In 1969 I joined Tork Fuglestad, Dick Hilden, and Dave Gillis on the first ever Osco Ski Team when we went to Vail, Colorado and all slept in one huge dorm room at a dumpy motel. And skied with them for many years after that. In 1975, I moved to Corporate, in ‘78 to Jewel Tea Discount Grocery and in ’84 I returned to Osco in Oak Brook, Illinois 1818 office to be in charge of Construction and Store Set Up.

You can check out our website to see what Janie (Armstrong) and I are currently doing out here in California.

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