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Vic Lund

Victor Lund (Vic), 61, joined Skaggs Companies in 1977 as director of financial planning. Prior to his employment at Skaggs, he was a practicing certified public accountant. That same year he became vice president-financial planning and in 1978 advanced to senior vice president and assistant controller at Skaggs Companies.

In 1983, Vic was promoted to American Stores Company as vice president and controller and later that year was appointed senior vice president and controller and a dual capacity role of Senior Vice President-Finance for Skaggs Alpha Beta. He was President of American Stores Company from 1992 to 1995. In 1995, Lund became Chair of the board of directors of American Stores Company after being hand-picked by L.S. (Sam) Skaggs Jr. Until its

acquisition by Albertson's in June 1999, Lund also served as Chief Executive Officer of American Stores Company. From 1999 to 2002, he served as Vice Chairman of Albertson's, Inc. He has been has been a member of DemandTec, Inc. board of directors since 2005 and Chair of DemandTec's board of directors since December 2006. He currently serves on the board of directors of Del Monte Foods, Service Corporation International and Teradata Corporation. He previously held positions on the board of directors for Borders Group, Inc. (1997-2009), Delta Air Lines Inc. (2007-2008), Mariner Health Care Inc. (2002-2004) and NCR Corp. (2003-2007).

Vic holds a B.A. in Accounting and an M.B.A. from the University of Utah. Click HERE for profile and compensation at

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