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Walmart and Amazon add Electric Vehicles to their Fleets

  • Walmart committed to adding 5,000 General Motors subsidiary BrightDrop Vans to in fleet starting in 2023, while automaker Stellantis said it's selling its latest EV to Amazon.

  • Walmart plans to scale its InHome delivery service from 6 million to 30 million households by year's end and hire 3,000 delivery drivers.

  • FedEx upped its 2020 order from 500 BrightDrop EV's to 2,000.

  • Amazon has used Stellantis as a supplier for thousands of EV's since 2018. The e-comm giant has also bought 100,000 EV's from Rivian, the first 10,000 of them coming by the end of 2022.

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