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Walmart Opening 5 Health "Supercenters" in Florida

  • Walmart is opening five new Walmart Health locations in Florida starting 4/5/22, adding to its footprint of 20 locations in Arkansas, Georgia and Illinois.

  • The centers deliver primary and urgent care, labs, X-rays and diagnostics, dental, optical, hearing and behavioral health and counseling in one facility, with transparent pricing for patients at the point of service.

  • The Florida locations will be the first Walmart Health centers to use a medical record built by health IT software giant Epic, which includes a patient portal for scheduling and bill pay.

  • Walmart has been focused on building out its omnichannel care offerings as it moves into direct healthcare delivery, leveraging telemedicine, home touchpoints, a national network of more that 5,000 brick-and-mortar stores.

  • Walmart patients will have access to telemedicine seven days a week through MeMD.

  • On Sundays, the health centers will largely conduct virtual-first visits.

  • Walmart has been interested in healthcare, and has been building and buying assets in the areas of medication management, telemedicine and even health insurance plans.

SOURCE: Healthcare Dive

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