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Walmart's NEW "Shop-by-Diet" Tool offered by Sifter SP Inc. and Walmart Collaboration

  • More than 200 million customers are on a diet or health-related program.

  • 85 million customers have allergies or food avoidances while shopping.

  • When customers shop through a free app, it will tell them if the food they have selected meets their individually selected wellness goals.

  • Walmart's New "Shop-by-Diet" Tool, powered by Sifter technology helps shoppers find foods based on allergens such as nuts or dairy; medical diets such as diabetes and heart health; and dozens of lifestyle diets, from vegan to keto to kosher.

  • Grocery e-commerce entrepreneurs Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, founders of Peapod and ItemMaster, created Sifter and allows customers to find food products and dietary supplements based on their personal diet needs and preference's.

  • To learn more, visit

SOURCE: The Shelby Report

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