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Walmart to open small general stores at Getaway Outposts

  • Walmart and remote vacation company are launching mini-retail shops called "General Store by Walmart"

  • The first store will open in August at a Getaway Outpost in Wimberly, Texas. Other stores are planned for Moodus, Conn.; Running Springs, Calif.; Roscoe, NY,; and Osceola, Missouri.

  • The small shops will sell products sourced by Walmart and curated by Getaway such as outdoor gear, hiking products and leisure activities products. The selection will be available online at a Getaway shopping page. Walmart will get a complimentary free trial from Getaway over the next year and a Kit to make Smore's as part of the launch package.

  • Each location selected is within a two-hour drive from a major city, and they do not offer Wi-Fi or cell service.

  • The Getaway Company currently has 19 Outposts, with a total of more than 784 cabins.

SOURCE: Winsight Grocery Business by FMI

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