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Weee!, Inc. Plans for Ethnic Growth

Fremont, California based ethnic e-grocer, bolstered its executive team, secured financing that will expand its offerings across new and existing ethnicities and scale grocery and food delivery services to new geographics, the e-grocer said in a press release.

Additionally, Weee plans to advance warehouse automation and Artificial Intelligence innovations to further improve its customer experience.

  • Wee continues to expand its Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indian and Latin offerings for customers, adding more than 500 new products per week.

  • Weee also partners with more than 1,000 restaurants to offer authentic food-at-home options for customers.

  • New Team Members include a Amazon vet to be its SVP of engineering, and it named filmmaker Jon Chu chief creative officer. Chu is known for being director of "Crazy Rich Asians". Wee also added a former Ahold CEO and Goldwater Capital Chief Product Officer to its Board of Directors.

SOURCE: Winsight Grocery Business

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