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Our e-mail campaign to inform Osco/Savon alumni about the new website has yielded 50 new members!

December 2021: Victoria Peunic

Kevin Broe Brian Ollmert

Richard Call

Phil Bailey

John Dyer

Rick Geaney Sean Duffy

Scott Knauer

Labeed Diab

Tom Dennis

Jeff Woodcock

Kevin Kaloian

Janice Vynorius

Jeff Schares

Carol Baumann

Wendla Thompson

Judy Jordan

January 2022:

John Klimek

Chris Truschke

Marc Crouch

Debbie Veale

Susan Tandy

Ken Noyes

Vikki Bosley

Rich Ray

Roger Radloff

Eric Ohnemus

John Segal

Barb Vinal

Mike Pfafflin

Marc Allgood

February 2022:

Stan Slyter

Bob Greenwald

Dave Biderman

Belay Belay

Tim Turner

William Peterson

Earle Cline

Dick Cook

Michele Hawk

Tony Pagano

Theresa Westlund

March 2022:

Deanne Stonchus

Dan Salemi

Dave Beal

Don Romney

William Poole

Craig and Beth Nuccio

Dale Bennett

Steve McDonnell

Denny Robison

April 2022:

Tammy Spackman

Lyle Grafelman

Rees Davies

May 2022:

Gene Mlenar

Teresa Atwood

June 2022:

Stephanie Robinette

Dominic Leung

Gordon Lee

Stephen Poon

Ronald Young Soares

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