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Where Are They Now: Chris Dimos

We are blessed! Theresa and I are happy and healthy and our boys are “gainfully employed”, happy & healthy, and doing what they love to do. We are living in Texas, in a suburb of Dallas called “The Colony”.

For fun we love to travel, cook (probably more enjoy the eating part of that…. J), and go for walks when the Texas weather cooperates.

Our best vacation has to be our family trip to Italy…It was the first vacation we were able to take for 2 weeks as a family…We spent time in Rome, Florence, and a couple other areas. Incredible family time, amazing sites, and humbling to realize we are only on this earth for a very short time.

My fondest memories of my time spent with Osco or Sav-on was working with the incredible people that took the time to get to know me as an individual and invest their time to develop me both personally and professionally. The mentorship that was provided to me by the opportunity to experience being a part of the project teams that were responsible for The Reliable Drug Store acquisition, “Project Basketball”, rolling out “Pharmacy Workflow”, IVR, Perpetual Inventory, “Out-Window scanning”, and ultimately ARx. The incredible leaders that role modeled the behaviors for me to emulate that allows me to be the person and leader I am today. These are just a few of my fondest memories of my time with this family. It’s been an honor and privilege to have been part of such an amazing team.

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