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Where Are They Now: Amy Arbogast

We are so very blessed! My partner, Ray is a Clinical Pharmacist for Express Scripts and I am a Clinical Program Manager supporting CVS Specialty Pharmacy. We have a blended family with all 3 of our kiddos now in college: Our oldest Ethan is at Ball State studying Business Management, EJ at Indiana University majoring in Finance, and Emma at Ball State focusing on Psychology and Creative Writing. We hope to have a college graduate soon!We currently live in a small town, lake community (my home town of Monticello, IN on Lake Freeman) where we feel like we are on vacation every day!

As a family, we enjoy staying active and making memories at our home on the lake. King Odie (our dog) demands three nature walks daily! Our summers are spent boating, water skiing and tubing. The lake is good for our mind, body and souls. A lot of our spare time lately has been dedicated to improvement projects on our 1970's home which allows us a creative outlet and keeps us in shape (and we do have fun!!!)! Last fall we did the finishing work on a new dock for our boat and jet skis. Our favorite place to travel as a family is Pensacola Beach FL--we absolutely love the miles and miles of white sandy beaches (stunning!) and travel there at least once a year.

My fondest memory of Osco, it is the people that challenged me to be a better human being - you know who you are :)! Dennis Reber was one such person. When I moved back to Indianapolis, IN from IL in 2005, I purchased a home in Carmel and didn’t realize until after I moved in, that it was 2 blocks from Dennis-what a bonus! Dennis was still doing his "Ed Foreman" morning walks and invited me to join him to start the day with "I'm alive, I'm alert, and I feel great" mindset! Our 2nd week of walking, Dennis pointed out that many of the house #'s in our neighborhood mirrored Osco Store #'s!!! He said it kind of defeated the purpose of trying not to worry about work at the start of his day as every time he walked the neighborhood and saw one of our store #'s he would remember something that he still needed to follow up on. We laughed so hard…and still to this day, when I see an Osco or CVS Store # from my district, I think of Dennis as well ALL of the wonderful people that supported those stores. Cheers to all of you who have made me a better person!

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